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Tissot Augmented Reality

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Tissot Augmented Reality

Swiss Watch company Tissot have combined AR in their services by letting individuals “try on” the company’s watches “virtually” outside of Harrods, London. The company handed out white & black paper wrist bands & when somebody stood in front of their big LCD display, a web cam positioned behind it transferred the co-ordinates of paper watch in an AR system. The AR system then showcased the video of that individual on the big display wearing a 3D version (virtual) of the watch.

Tissot presently uses their high tech screens at events in the United States, also.

AR is been used in a number of marketing activities at the moment such that 35 AR apps are launched each month. Some of these appear quite amazing.

Junaio has Android & iOS platforms which brands will be able to use for customizing AR for their consumer’s requirements.

Valpak, for instance, has one channel on Junaio application which launches the smart-phone’s GPS & camera in order to overlay a special set of 3D images in real time displaying the Valpak coupons available in the locality as the customers scans their surrounding area, with a radius changing from 5 ft. to twenty miles away.

Author: Kapil

source foto: thetrendboutique

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