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Trump’s new orders!

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The day that many feared and wanted to never come finally came: Donald Trump’s official inauguration took place in Washington D.C. Racist and accused sex offender, Donald Trump is now official President of the United States. He is now residing in the White House along with the First Lady of the United States, Melania Trump. To no one’s surprise, the crowds at the inauguration ceremony weren’t nearly as big as former President Obama’s, in fact, the crowds were not even half as big as Obama’s; but are we really surprised? I know for a fact that I am NOT.

While the leaving the white house, former First Lady Michelle Obama was dressed in a classy red gown while she and her husband former President Obama welcomed the Trumps and bid farewell to the White House. Melania was dressed in a light blue ensemble that was created by Ralph Lauren. As the new First Lady entered the White House, she handed the former First Lady Michelle and gift: a light blue Tiffany’s box. Were they diamonds, a watch, a ring? We many never know. But, Michelle’s reaction was priceless. And like almost everything does in this world of today, Michelle’s reaction instantly became an internet meme. Michelle appeared dumbfounded for reasons not apparent to us. Perhaps she was startled by the box appearing out of nowhere, or maybe she didn’t really expect to be getting a present from the Trumps; let’s face it, no one really thinks of them as hospitable or generous people.

Oh, did we mention the drama when Trump couldn’t find anyone to perform at his inauguration ceremony? Yeah! The PRESIDENT couldn’t find anyone to perform for him on his inauguration ceremony. While previously, Obama had iconic artists like Beyonce perform for him on his inauguration; but finally just a few days before inauguration day, Trump found some artists that included Jackie Evancho, The Rockettes and more. But none as A-list as Beyonce!

During his first day at the white house and not even an entire day into his presidency, he had the climate change and LGBT rights pages immediately taken down from the White House official website. Donald Trump has long believed that climate change is a hoax. Five days into his presidency, Trump also passed a gag order against National Parks Service and instructed all employees to practice a media blackout until further notice. Not only that, but many other federal agencies have also been met with the same restrictions. It seems Trump is doing an amazing job at obliterating the legacy left behind by Obama. Not mention many contracts and grants of federal agencies have also been frozen.

Obama, during his tenure, did a great job to protect and provide rights to the LGBT community. Seeing how fast the LGBT page has disappeared from the White House website, the entire community and its supporters are worried. However, that is not the only worry. Trump has also scaled back the Affordable Care Act and has issued executive orders to cut federal funding to women’s health group abroad if they discuss abortion.

Is more madness to ensue? Only time will tell!

Author: Adam Fiaz – USA

sourcephoto: pinterest



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