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UK / Qualified workers leave the country after Brexit!

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There has been a new study from Deloitte, the world’s leading accounting firm, which says that about 50 percent of the skilled EU workers who are currently working in the US could leave the countru over the next 5 years, because of Brexit.

The Deloitte study found that 47 percent of highly skilled non-British workers were already considering leaving the UK. They said that in all 33 percent of foreign workers could leave the UK in the immediate future.

David Sproul, chief executive of Deloitte in Europe says, “The UK’s cultural diversity, employment opportunities and quality of life are assets that continue to attract the world’s best and brightest people,”

“But overseas workers, especially those from the EU, tell us they are more likely to leave the UK than before. That points to a short- to medium-term skills deficit that can be met in part by upskilling our domestic workforce but which would also benefit from an immigration system that is attuned to the needs of the economy,” Mr. Sproul adds.

These are shocking results and it just goes to show that the effects of Brexit are still playing out.  Brexit could have severe implications for British companies as they are likely to have a real shortage of talent as many of their best workers consider leaving the country.

Employers in the UK have been asking the government to come up with better and more efficient immigration plans, and also to improve the skill levels of the current set of British workers. They have also asked the government to encourage the use of robots in the workplace.

There are other studies that show that Brexit has caused workers from other EU nations to leave Britain and look elsewhere for a livelihood. A study by Lloyds found that the number of seasonal workers coming to the UK from other EU nations such as Poland has dropped by 17 percent this year, mainly because there is no clarity in the UK about Brexit and its implications.

About 52 percent of 1,500 companies in the Lloyds survey said that they were facing considerable difficulty in hiring skilled workers, not just because of the uncertainty over Brexit, but also because of the uptick in manufacturing, which means that there is a major new demand for skilled workers in the UK.

Tim Hinton, managing director at Lloyds, said: “Our latest survey, which was conducted during the election campaign, shows an increase in business confidence since our last report at the start of the year.

Although challenges remain in recruiting both skilled and unskilled labour, businesses are anticipating higher sales, increased profits and staffing levels to rise, which is all very positive for the economy.”

Mr. Hinton adds, “With details of the terms of Britain’s exit from the EU still to come, inflation on the rise and general volatility and uncertainty in the economy, the outlook remains mixed at best. However businesses have been operating in this environment for some time now and they are taking it in their stride.”

Author: Raghav Hegde – India

sourcephoto: dailynews


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