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Ukraine wins Eurovision!

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Stockholm was treated to a magnificent spectacle as Eurovision contest of 2016 reached its final conclusion. Although there were many heart warming entries and songs – one of them stood tall amongst them all. The Ukranian song sung beautifully by Jamala won not only the hearts and souls of the voters, it also managed to deliver a strong political message.

The song based on the Crimean offence carried out by the Russian forces has a deep dark history. None so portrayed beautifully in the lyrics that are silkily sung by Jamala. The singer herself exclaimed that this turned out to be the happiest day of her life. It can be said that someone who has seen so many changes in life and so much pressure, such an occasion can truly be heralded as the moment when art truly helps people heal.

While Russia is still fumed by the success of the song as the champion and the issue of Crimea again being brought into the limelight, for now it is not the time to bicker about minor things. Jamala’s lyrics should for now help heal hundreds and thousands who suffered great pain in Crimea. The people they lost can never be brought back, the memories lost are gone forever but at least this could be a good start towards the healing process.

Ukraine can now bask in the glory of winning Eurovision – an accomplishment that they should be proud of. Those who haven’t heard the song should definitely give a read to the beautiful lyrics.

When strangers are coming…
They come to your house,
They kill you all
and say,
We’re not guilty
not guilty.

Where is your mind?
Humanity cries.
You think you are gods.
But everyone dies.
Don swallow my soul.
Our souls

Yaşlığıma toyalmadım
Men bu yerde yaşalmadım
Yaşlığıma toyalmadım
Men bu yerde yaşalmadım


We could build a future
Where people are free
to live and love.
The happiest time

Where is your heart?
Humanity rise.
You think you are gods
But everyone dies.
Don swallow my soul.
Our souls.

Yaşlığıma toyalmadım
Men bu yerde yaşalmadım
Yaşlığıma toyalmadım
Men bu yerde yaşalmadım

Author: Zak Hades – Serbia

sourcephoto: pinterest


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