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Umbrella or fan?!

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Stay Safe from the Rain or Sunshine with the New Rurudo Fan Shade

Rurudo Fan Shade is a new gadget that not only protects the user from the harmful Ultra Violet radiation but also help him/her stay cool simultaneously. The gadget is an umbrella for rain, a fan & a parasol which keeps you cool, dry & also protects your skin from the sun tan.

The canopy is created of polyester & cotton & has a water repellant finishing. As a result, you are likely to stay safe even during a good drizzle, however it might have little water coming across in case the rain is too heavy.

This is somewhat cute & frilly, however in order to ensure it stays working, you will require 4 AA batteries so that the fan operates all the time. You can turn on/off the fan using a switch present on the handle. At the moment, the device is priced at $110.

Author: Kapil

source foto: ameliedecovintage



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