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Unforeseen difficulties on the new iPhone 7 !

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iPhone 7: Verizon Users Report Few Issues However the Fix Is Not That Bothersome

The users of the latest iPhone-7 are loving the company’s next generation device, although a few users on the Verizon noticed their new device will randomly & periodically drop the signal falling back to the 3G mode. In some case, switching the Airplane mode seems to be the only means for getting the LTE back. In the meantime,, others found they are able to only reconnect to LTE by restarting their smart phones.

Verizon & Apple are yet to comment on this problem publicly, however Gizmodo mentions it might have identified the issue. As per the reports, the LTE issues of Verizon with the latest model may be associated with Voice over LTE feature. So, if you turn off the Voice over LTE, it’ll help you fix the bug. The lone downside is it might preclude you from utilizing the data whilst talking on your iPhone.

Sources state that Verizon & Apple are mindful of this issue & working out a solution.

Hopefully, the upcoming update to the iOS-10 will fix this bug permanently.

Author: Kapil

sourcephoto: pinterest


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