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US comedians Trump reacts to his victory!

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Jimmy Fallon, host of The Tonight Show said, “Republicans hope he’ll keep his promise to build a wall, and Democrats hope he’ll keep his promise not to accept the election results. After the results came in, Donald Trump gave a big victory speech. He said he couldn’t have done it without the love of his life — his rock, his better half, F.B.I. Director James Comey.”

Seth Meyers, host of Late Night With Seth Meyers literally broke down crying, saying, “I felt a lot of emotions last night and into today. Some sadness, some anger, some fear. But I’m also aware that those are the same emotions a lot of Trump supporters felt; emotions that led them to make their choice. And it would be wrong for me to think my emotions are somehow more authentic than their emotions.”

Well, it seems after making fun of Trump for 18 months, America’s late night comics suddenly found out he wasn’t funny anymore – he is the new President of the United States.

Author: Raghav Hegde – India

sourcephoto: dailynews


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