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USA – a senator wants to halt legal immigration!

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If the highly influential U.S. Senator from Arkansas Tom Cotton has his way, only PhDs and highly educated computer scientists from countries like India will be allowed entrance into the US.

Senator Cotton has said that most foreign engineers get into the US with H1B work visa and green card programs, which only bring in low level engineers and IT personnel. They are not what the US needs, he says.

The Senator said that the current system in America did not really get the best and brightest immigrants from around the world. He explained that he wanted to reform the legal immigration system in a big way and was working on ensuring that only those who are really talented or highly educated get to enter the United States.

The Bill introduced by Senator Cotton, if successful, will curb overall legal immigration in the US by 50 percent, down from 1 million, as it is currently, to just 600,000 in the first year, to 500,000 by the 10th year. It also calls for the elimination of diversity lottery visas and the issuance of Green Cards to refugees.

Sen. Cotton said in an interview with MSNBC: “I think, on the H-1B temporary visa but also the permanent green cards, like EB1, EB2, the President wants to get the very best people from around the world. Often those programmes are implemented in a way that are not consistent with their purposes.”

“They don bring in PhDs and computer scientists. They bring in mid-level and they replace mid-level data management workers. Thats why you get controversies like people losing their jobs at companies like Disney and Southern California Edison that were just replaced by foreign workers who weren necessarily high skilled,” Sen. Cotton said.

Senator Cotton is a member of the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence as well. Senator Cotton’s Bill wants to curb legal immigration substantially by focusing on highly skilled immigrants that have the sort of high level skills that can help them contribute to the US economy in a significant way.

He said that he had spoken to President Trump about it: “So he (President Trump) would like to see reforms to those programmes that I would. Its really an empirical questions where we do have gaps in our economy. But I will say this, there is no job that an American won do. Americans, with the right pay, will do any job. Thats just the fact of the matter,” he added.

The Senator explained, “We need to make sure that we e focused on Americans getting back to work and getting higher wages, supplemented where need based on the evidence with immigration.”

“Right now, only about one out of 15 immigrants that we admit to this country every year come based on those criteria. The President has said in public, as he told us yesterday, that he wants to move in the direction of, for instance, Canada and Australia, and focused on more of what he calls a merit-based system. Our legislation is the first step in that,” the Senator added.

Author: Raghav Hegde – India

source photo: daily news


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