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USA – Trump won … now what?

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Staff report: The room is dark – it is not necessarily dark but the lights have been turned off for dramatic effect. There is a ginormous bowl full of delicious popcorns and the beautiful aroma resonates around the room. On the central coffee table, a giant cola bottle is available with a couple of glasses. The volume has been set high enough to not annoy the neighbors and the sofa is as comfortable as it can get. Sitting there in total comfort and weekend bliss are sat a few friends watching a Hollywood flick by the name of Home Alone. The movie is spectacular but a particular moment pops up as it reaches its climax – oh look, isn’t that blonde guy one of the richest persons in United States, says one of the friends as a familiar face pops up on the screen. Oh yes, the other one agrees, he is called Donald Trump I think, confirms the other one. There is a brief pause and everyone laughs a little, “we should call him Uncle Donald” says one voice and this time the laughter is longer.

Roll on a few years and things have changed. Wrestling is the rave these days and everyone is interested in watching these modern gladiators go about the extremely dangerous and risky business of providing entertainment on the cost of their bodies. The arenas however are lit and glamorous and everyone wants piece of action here. They are the modern day gladiators these wrestlers, putting out an emphatic show for the ordinary public to enjoy. There is great deal of money involved in the business and the marketing potential of the industry is immense. The billionaire who owns the business understands that and tries to continue introducing one interesting event after the other. Whatever he serves, people lap up to and continue to increase his wealth. This time he has gone one step ahead – he has put his own pride on the ring. The match is called ‘the battle of billionaires’ and he faces an old adversary and friend who so happens to be, yes you guessed it correctly, Donald Trump. This time the rivalry is intense and although the billionaires aren’t in the ring themselves, they are each supporting a wrestler to protect their honor. The stakes are high in this one, if their designated wrestler loses; the other billionaire will take a shaving machine and shave them bald in the ring, live in front of millions of people watching all across the globe. The battle goes on for what seems like an eternity but the moment of glory falls to Trump who allegedly finds a way to cheat and help his wrestler win. There is no remorse on his face, of course why would there be any remorse, this is just a game and his philosophy involves in always being a winner.

He takes the trimmer in his hand and shaves the other billionaire bald. Right in front of the audience who watch him in awe and cheer him every second of the act and show how much love they have for him.

Move a few more years, the same Donald Trump is hosting a reality show where he is selecting people who want to work for him. The challenges are gruesome, difficult, and soul sapping for all the contestants. After a few months and many difficult challenges, only one would remain fit and suitable enough to become part of Trump’s great business plan. Every week when there is time to send a few homes, Trump sits in the middle of the panel and passes his verdict. He is calculated, smooth, and at times shows zero mercy leading for the contestants to break into tears. He tells them that in order to survive, they have to become ruthless. There are no second chances in life, he tells them, you have to be a winner as there are only two kinds of people in the world, he goes one step further, winners and losers, he concludes. If you are not a winner it automatically means that you are a loser. There is no sympathy for anyone who fails to make the targets or is not good enough for him. Sentiment can wait for today, not under Trump’s watch do we have to worry about it. This is a world that he has built – everything here has to be perfect – it is as simple as that.

Millions are marching against his rule today but the ground reality is United States of America has a new president who is this same man. Today he has the power to initiate all the things that he said and if he does, it can be assured that there will be many of those marches. As of now, the blonde billionaire has proved that he can accomplish anything that he can set his mind on. That in a way is a testament to his immense will power. Let us just hope, that he understands that his role now is to unify his great country. “With great power, comes great responsibility”, think about it Mr. President, just think about it.

Author: Zak Hades – Serbia

sourcephoto: pinterest


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