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Venezuela, a country with two faces

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Study journalism in a country like Venezuela is a big challenge for those who take the decision to start this career, that doesn’t mean that in this country is more difficult to graduate, who actually is, because universities enter in suspension of activities all the time, but that is a much a matter of practice the profession. We know that there are political bias in the media in all countries, but in Venezuela is too obvious, self-censorship is the daily bread for those who want to work in a medium.

Hence the importance that the internet and social media have in the creation and dissemination of websites where the news, at least, are published, and as all the youth have the facility to understand, adapt and take advantage of all the features that these tools have, the new journalists have been able to survive.

Beyond that, in this country, politics are a subject that is everywhere, yes, everywhere, and we perfectly know the functioning of the state, in its two forms, and we know what is written in the law and what is finally done. We are interested in international politics to understand the influence it has on our daily lives.

From these two premises I can begin to define myself as a professional, to live in these difficulties it is the only way to spend the day for Venezuelans who face hard realities and are built to withstand far beyond that this country has created in me an insistent and intuitive character.

As a journalist I have always been interested in understanding the phenomena occurring around me, as an avid reader I am also interested in learning about other cultures, understand and compare them with mine. My youth has never been a problem, otherwise, I have enough energy to print it in the activities, that according to my interests may require more urgency.

In an increasingly globalized world it is important for everyone to understand what happens in other countries, understanding that many times what happens far away can have some influence in our lives. So I try to stay up with the global events.

Venezuela is much more than the terrible things that are told in the media, thats only a part of the truth, my work here, and wherever I go, will be to show both extremely complex sides of the same coin, a country in its conception and reality.

My life philosophy revolves around all that I have described above, which are my essential interests, and I try to stay away from self-censorship, I tell the things just the way they are and just how they happen, just as I learned in college, from the more neutral perspective possible, and, of course, its importance in the context planet, so that anyone who reads what I have written can understand what is happening and how it can influence in their country.

Of course, the flip side is precisely the good things that happen on this side of the planet, from the young America, the rebel American, which has much to learn. We are a continent that shares many things and that will be demonstrated through my work.

Author: Antor Jose – Venezuela

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