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Venezuela / General Fighting in Parliament!

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Groups of followers of the government of President Nicolás Maduro raided Venezuelas National Assembly (Parliament) on this Sunday October 23rd while inside the protocol hemicycle a special session was performed.

Those who managed to enter, some of them with bulletproof vests, were able to overcome all controls, even passing over of the Bolivarian National Guard, to interrupt the session in which the rupture of the constitutional order was discussed in the country and also the reasons to impeach against the president.
The session:

That day’s session was called after the National Electoral Council (CNE) suspended the revocatory referendum against the mandate of the president, same referendum that was promoted by opposition bloc, after several State Authority courts emit injunctions against the process by complaints of citizens who claimed that their identities had been usurped.

The opposition, which controls the parliament, claimed that it was a government maneuver to avoid the referendum which meant a rupture of the constitutional order by leaving citizens without a right under the constitution.

From this fact it began a debate in the National Assembly about impeach the president, a fact that was denounced by the government as an attempted coup.

The assault:

While there was a debate in the hemicycle an angry crowd, according to the opposition this crowd were supported by the pro-government mayor of the Libertador municipality of Caracas, Jorge Rodriguez, the people were trying to get in to interrupt and denounce an “attempted coup”.

It was during the intervention of the deputy Enrique Marquez, vice president of the Assembly, that some people screaming were heard and the Capitol TV signal (official channel of parliament) was changed the image to focus on what happened in the gardens of the Federal Legislative Palace.

In these images could be seen a group of people with iconographies that refers to the late political leader and president, Hugo Chávez, and the current president, designated as a candidate for Chávez, Nicolás Maduro.

When the angry crowd managed to enter the chamber session a battle between supporters of the ruling party and the opposition who were among the accredited public was staged, some deputies say they saw chairs flying and that several of them were beaten by government supporters seeking to abruptly end the session.

There were robberies to several journalists who were covering the meeting and it was not until the mayor of the Libertador municipality, Jorge Rodriguez, entered the palace, that things started to calm down, still the crowd did not lose the opportunity to insult the opposition deputies and to ensure that they were willing to get them out and restore the power of the state to “the people of Chávez”.

It was such the level of confusion on the part of the government people that they even ended up wounding several journalists from the government media.

Despite all the violence occurred, they were finally evicted from the place and they could resume the session concluded with the acceptation of an agreement in which the initiation of impeachment against President Nicolas Maduro will come to set on November 3rd.

Author. Antor Jose – Venezuela

sourcephoto: france24


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