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What happens with ISIS?

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Due to the many attacks in Europe and their terroristic activity in Europe, ISIS is a term everybody knows. Everybody has heard of their violent behavior in the Middle East and their beheadings and killing methods. In 2016, ISIS already exists for a few years continuously. How is ISIS currently developing and are they going to grow or go down in the next time?

ISIS was definitely already in a more powerful situation than now. Thanks to Russia’s air strikes and their aggressive military operations against the group, they lost huge territories. According to experts, ISIS lost more than one third of their controlled areas. This means, that they are getting less oil now, but at the very same time they get less taxes from civilians. Financially, their situation was better too already. But is the ISIS really in such a bad situations as many people and media hopes and declares? Unfortunately not. They are weakened and cut but still morally very dedicated, and without a doubt willing to continue their bloody fight against nearly the whole rest of the world.

The main problem is, that without the international effort and attention the struggle receives right now, ISIS would soon gain much more power again, as their enemies depend on international donations and support. Therefore it’s important for the improvement of the situation for the enemies of the ISIS now, that none of these donations and support with weapons and other material is not getting reduced. It should get increased actually, as the ISIS is getting a lot of support from people from the United Emirates unfortunately too. Without the support of Russian troops, Alevite troops and Curds, ISIS would get increasingly more power soon and would probably even gain many square-kilometers of territory soon.

Author: Lukas – Austria

sourcephoto: mirror


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