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What Trump and Putin have in common?

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It is almost impossible for most American citizens to get a praise from Vladimir Putin and vice versa but there is one citizen in America who continues to remain in good books of Vladimir Putin. What is Trump doing to remain in the good books of Putin and what both of them have in common?

WASHINGTON: In a public interview, Putin when asked about Donald Trump had this to say “He is a brilliant and intelligent person without a doubt” while later on adding to his statement “an outstanding and talented personality”. Although Putin did remain skeptical about political status of Trump as of now and maintained that it is up to the Republican party to select a candidate, he did mention that to him he looks like downright the best candidate for the job and someone who is an absolute leader in the presidential race.

Although both men are from different countries it can be seen that they share similar and mutual respect for each other. Trump has never been shy of praising Putin, not long ago he had rated him as outstanding person and in a meeting between Obama and Putin, Trump had said that Putin appeared to be more confident and led his nation better than Obama had led the Americans. Such high praise coming from Trump merits special mention – those who have followed the career of Trump do know that he is one who is seldom keen on praising other people.

What do these two have in common that makes them go about praising each other? For starters, Trump also believes that he needs to make America great again. When Putin came to power in Russia, she was going through major crisis. It can safely be said that Putin has been a great strong leader for Russia who has managed to avert many crisis. It can also be seen that from a global stand point, Russia has gathered power over the last decade. The remnants of the cold war have slowly been shattered away – there is a bigger place for Russia in the global political scene. The Eastern block of Russia and China seems to grow stronger by the day in the new world of ours. Maybe Trump is inspired by Putin himself and wants America to adopt more policies from Russia.

Whatever happens in the presidential debate is an internal matter of America and Putin does not have any say in that. However high praise from Putin means that he is doing something right somewhere to be noticed in the global political scene. It will be fair to see how that goes in the future as well – for now, this seems like one of those stories where people are sharing mutual respect for each other. How long will this respect last and how that will work between relations of these two countries is yet to be seen.

For now, Putin and Trump seem to be great friends of each other – let us just hope that they work together to make this world better than before.

Author: Zak Hades – Serbia

source photo: davidduke


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