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What you did not know about Katrina Kaif!

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Katrina Kaif is the biggest celebrity actress in Bollywood, an international star, who is well known all over the world. Katrina Kaif is known to be one of the most beautiful women in the world. Her talent is also quite extraordinary. But we bet there are a few things about Katrina Kaif that you had no idea about!

1. Did you know for instance that Katrina is the only woman in Bollywood who has featured on the Indian version of the Forbes magazine, as one of the richest people in India? She apparently has earnings of $20 million a year!

2. Did you know that Katrina is half Indian and half British? Her father is a British business man of Kashmiri origin. She has 6 sisters and 1 brother.

3. Did you know that Katrina has been all over the word? She was born in Hong Kong, then lived in Hawaii and moved to England, till she finally made Mumbai her professional home.

4. Did you know that Katrina never actually went to a real school? She was home schooled by her mother, Suzanne and did her entire education through distant learning.

5. Did you know that Katrina began her career as a model in London? She was noticed by filmmaker Kaizad Gustad, who gave her a role in his film, Boom.

6. Did you know that Katrina parts with a significant part of her income to charity? She and her mother Suzanne have a children’s charity of their own, where they take care of orphaned girls, called Relief Projects India.

7. Did you know that in spite of being in India for over 10 years, Katrina is still here on British work visa? She has not got the Indian citizenship yet.

8. Katrina was heavily criticized for her role in Boom. Here’s how she replied to the criticism: “I was living in England and it is acceptable there to show kissing and bodies in bikinis or skimpy clothes onscreen, but that is ¬certainly not the case in India. I realise that with your first film you make an ¬initial impression on the audience. And that was definitely not the role I wanted to be seen in.”

9. Did you know that Katrina is seeing Ranbir Kapoor, who is Bollywood’s hottest up and coming young actor? The two plan to get married soon.

10. Did you know that there is a Barbie doll modeled after Katrina?

11. Did you know that Katrina charges $1 million for her advertisements? And she is very choosy about her products. She says, “It is important for me that the product I endorse should deliver on its promise.”

Author: Raghav Hegde – India

Source foto: mid-day


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