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Why are we destroying our own planet?

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Staff Report: Mondays are already the worst days to get up to. You know that probably already, almost everyone in the planet has some dislike for the day reserved in their hearts. I am not talking about a select few, the ones that wake up and wish to work, or the ones that live in places where instead of Monday, Sunday is the day that marks the start of a week – yes, there are places like that on our planet like that. However one look at the Monday morning news and the day just gets even worse.

Last night, and okay that is something that may not be very relevant to the readers, I had an amazing family dinner and there was so much to enjoy in the world. Today, I wake up to the news that there has been an attack near a Mosque in England that has resulted in possible casualties and plenty of people injured. There is also news of the fighting that continues to destroy Syria, it almost seems like an eternity since the fight started there and it continues to feel that there is no time in the near future where the hardship will end for the brave Syrian people.

I’ve met a lot of them recently – a lot of them have traveled all across the globe and reached Sweden in search of a safer life. As good as it may sound, moving from Syria to Sweden to start a new life, trust me it is not a life that anyone would want. Not in the current circumstances, not like refugees, not like people who’ve given up everything they ever had. Some of these people who’ve made this journey had everything back in Syria – engineers, doctors, scientists, people with families and friends, homes, cars, material goods – now they’ve nothing but stand in queues looking for a new start to their life.

Finsbury attack in London United Kingdom is against a Mosque – it’s probably against people who had nothing to do with anything to do with terrorism; this attack is against people who are probably as innocent as the Syrians fleeing for their lives and moving to Sweden to start afresh. See, this is the horrible ugly thing with war; people who suffer the most are almost always the ones that have really nothing to do with them. Even when soldiers take the borders in conventional wars and give their sweat, tears, and in the end blood to protect a piece of land or whatever they are protecting, the people who suffer are the ones who miss their presence for their lives. The mothers, who miss their sons and daughters, the fathers, the life partners, the friends – people who may actually end up never seeing them again – they are the first casualties of war, even before anyone else.

We have a world with leaders like Theresa May and Donald Trump to name a few – leaders who have deeply rooted ideologies that segregate people. A history lesson will tell us that not a long time ago we stood against such segregation. In South Africa and in South Dakota – we stood against people segregated because of the color of their skin. Now it seems we are reverting back to type – now it seems we feel it is okay to say a person is different because of their skin color or their religion. We condemn Hitler because of his vendetta against a particular religion, yet there are leaders who continue to demonize a particular religion and create hatred.

Is our planet not big enough for all of us to survive in harmony? Has it stopped offering us with the things required for our existence? Has it become such a hostile place that we have to fight for the last scraps to ensure survival?

No, no, and no. The planet we call home remains merciful yet it is us who continue to pollute its fresh water streams with our immense greed. It is us who continue to not talk about global warming and the impact that this will have on the lives of all of us. It is us who continue to fight wars that have no meaning in the long run. It is us who continue to wake up on Mondays to hear horrible news from the world all around us.

I certainly want to have a Monday where I wake up to good news – unfortunately, it feels like it is too much to ask right now.

Author: Zak Hades – Serbia

source photo: independent uk


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