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Wonder Woman and 3 Perfect Pitch!

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Best Worldwide Movies for 2017: Part 5

Mar 10: Kong- Skull Island

In spite of the fact that the story of the King Kong story is revived, the movie is at least taking unique approach. So far very little info has been released to the public, however we realize the fact that the adventure/action movie investogates the origins of the gigantic primate.

Mar. 17: Beauty & the Beast

The online world has been going crazy over the live action remake of the Beauty & the Beast ever since the teaser trailer was launched. Early nostalgia of the nineties clashes with heart warming familiarity so as to produce this beast that is creating new records even if its yet to be released.

Jun. 2: Wonder Woman

This is another movie long-anticipated by the fans. The film is a modern theoterical explanation of the popular Lynda Carter television series. The film stars Gal Gadot as the Amazonian princess.

Dec 22: Pitch Perfect-3

The second part of the movie might not have been quite exciting as the first part, nonetheless there is adequate “pep” to the franchise so as to keep it moving ahead. So, it might not be a bad idea to take another notice of The Bellas.

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